Welcome to Revpower! My name is Paul Sutterer, over 50 year’s parish pastor. Revpower was my handle in the 70’s with CB radio. I’m just an old country preacher. My mind tells me I am a stud in my 40s prime, but my doctor brought me to reality by reminding me “you are in the ninth decade of your life.” Who needs that?

My last sermon was on my 80th birthday, “We are the Amazing Grays!” A congregation of over 800 made up of 100% seniors. That’s a whole lot of grandmas and grandpas in one place. But the sermon took too much out of me. My friend Barbara told me to research what the word “retirement” means. I did not like the meaning. My heart has too much to share but without a parish, no avenue to express those thoughts. My son and daughter told me to use a thing called a blog. That word sounds dirty to me but I will give it a try. I want to give a big thank you to my granddaughter, Emi, for creating this blog.

A little about me: I’ve had three heart attacks, bypass surgery, aortic valve transplant, congestive heart failure and now eye concerns, but otherwise in good health. Several years ago, a doctor told me to find a way to exercise my mind. So, I attempted to memorize two sermons inside of one week while performing regular parish duties. I was pleased that I could preach a sermon without any notes on the pulpit. Exercising my mind is also the reason for this blog– I’m trying to keep that dreaded “A” word (Alzheimer) out of my life.

Beginning of Christmas Eve (2017) my first blog will be a Bible study on the first Christmas.  Then I will share a series on the “Is the Bible Trustworthy?” It will look at the topic of Science and the Bible, followed by a study on the validity of miracles, a study on God at work in prewritten history,  and Old Testament Bible stories. One of my hopes from theses Bible studies is that it would lead you to have discussions in the privacy of your home.  If you like this method of Bible study, please share Revpower with others.

A taste of what is to come: The Bible and science do not contradict themselves. Psalm 19:6 says, “the sun rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.” Some laugh and say, look at this Bible statement. It has the sun going in a circuit around the earth. But the Psalmist’s word took on new meaning when science discovered that the sun, along with our entire solar system, actually does move through space in a giant orbit. Our solar system is going at a speed of 72,000 miles per hour in a giant orbit that takes two million centuries to complete. Once again, the Bible has proven to be correct.

My plan is to have a new blog containing a Bible Study each Sunday.

Always your friend,

Pastor Paul